Monday, 16 April 2012

A botanical adventure begins

I sit on the front door step contemplating a botanical adventure… making a medicinal herb garden.

This has been on my ‘to do’ list for, well, too long really! 
And I’m bored of saying ‘one day I’m going to……’ so here we go.

My prospective herbal space is in the front garden, a 2 meter circle of turf, contained by bricks and surrounded by a sea of gravel. The aim is to select herbs that will be of medicinal benefit to the family and flourish in the growing conditions, making it a thing of beauty as well as a helpful herbal ally. 

The chosen herbs could be a mixture of both annual and perennial plants, which can be harvested fresh for a cup of tea or maybe to make a soothing compress for a bumped knee. There should be some structural herbs and also some that give interest through the winter months.

The first big step has been taken which was deciding to go for it. The next step is to think about the design and more importantly the herbs that will be included…watch this space!


  1. I'll be watching, but not digging thankfully.

  2. Looking awesome already. What lavenders have you gone for?